Siena – San Gimignano

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In general, we suggest a half day tour (4 hours) or a full day tour (8 hours).
Please note that in case of half day tours, due to time restrictions, the excursion consists in the visit of a single town only at your choice.


Suggested itinerary (full day tour)

The order of visit of the two towns will depend on the geographical position of your accomodation.  Whatever town we choose to begin with, this exciting tour will offer you the chance to enjoy a full immersion in the atmosphere of Middle Ages.

San Gimignano

A characteristic, small Medieval town an hour from Florence, and 45 minutes from Siena, San Gimignano is known as “the town of the Fine Towers”. Of the 72 original towers – built for defensive purposes, but also signs of the power of their noble owners, – 14 still stand to witness the glorious past of this place.

As the town, encircled by thick walls, is a pedestrian area, we will drop you off at the main gate, Porta San Giovanni, and you will start enjoying your time at leisure walking up the main street until the major square of the Cistern first and then, a few steps further, until the main square where the Romanesque Collegiate Church, the Palazzo del Popolo and the Palazzo del Podestà (i.e. the medieval local governor) stand one opposite to the other. Take your time to stroll through its historical center, registered as UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage.

Additional historical palaces, modern shops and galleries are all scattered along the two main roads of the town, via San Matteo and via San Giovanni. Food and wine shops complete this picturesque frame.




Fierce rival of the nearby Florence for more than 400 years, Siena conveys the aspect of a structured, lively Medieval city. Built on top of three converging clay hills, it is connected by a network of narrow Gothic streets and alleys, lined with historical palaces and noble mansions that once belonged to the powerful local families.

We will drop you off in Piazza del Campo, the central square of the city, shaped like a fan and paved with ‘burnt Sienna’ coloured bricks.  The square slopes down to the massive facade of the Palazzo Pubblico, the city town hall, with its slim, challenging bell tower, la Torre del Mangia; 400 steep steps separate you from an incredible view over the city and its surroundings. Furthermore, Piazza del Campo is the venue of the world famous, traditional horse race called “Il Palio delle Contrade”, (shortly, il Palio) that takes place twice a year, the 2nd of July and the 16th of August.

Going back the main road, a short alley will lead you to Piazza del Duomo, where the main Cathedral of the city and its unique, awesome paving stands. The Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana, the uncompleted aisle and the Baptistery are all parts of the same architectural project that did not see its end due to a mortal epidemic that killed one third of the population in the early 14th century. Take your time to visit this masterpiece of Italian Gothic style, we will be waiting for you outside in the square.  And if the city still invites you to stroll through the alleys full of artisans’ workshops and contemporary global brands, don’t get back in the car: the mystical, beloved Siena still hides genuine corners here and there, that you will enjoy discovering by yorselves.

Only Driver - Siena Tour


Please note that meals, entrance tickets to museums or churches, and tip to the driver are not included in the price we quote.